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Welcome to the Loving Yourself Through Cancer website. At the age of 74, I was diagnosed with a slow growing incurable lymphoma cancer. After being treated with chemotherapy I am ecstatic to share that my cancer is all gone and I feel more alive and healthy than I have felt in years!

This book, Loving Yourself Through Cancer, is an outgrowth of my diagnosis and healing process. All the healing tools I used and the lessons I learned while going through the cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment process are included in this book.

Accepting, appreciating, loving and taking care of my body is my lesson that became solidified during this process. My surprise lesson was that writing this book evolved into a "coming out" for me in sharing the shame and secrets of my past.

My hope now is that my story, truthfully shared in this book, will inspire others to accept, appreciate, love and take care of their bodies as well as to share their stories. It is only what is hidden that can keep us prisoners. A diagnosis of cancer is a call to heal oneself. Look within. Forgive. Heal. Grow. Become your very best self and live the life of your dreams.

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