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About Loving Yourself Through Cancer

Loving Yourself Through Cancer is a book all about overcoming: overcoming obesity, high blood pressure, poor eating habits, overeating, being sedentary, sexual abuse, neglecting your body, cancer and even aging.

Are you, or someone you love, overwhelmed or discouraged with a cancer diagnosis or some other trauma? Loving Yourself Through Cancer will ease your mind, lift your spirits and help you navigate your path to wellness regardless of your age. Decide today to love and care for your body. Learn how it only takes small changes in your lifestyle to make big improvements in your quality of life and wellbeing. Begin living your very best life and watch your health improve.

At the age of 74, the author, Carol Rosebrough was diagnosed with incurable lymphoma cancer. She made the decision to change her life by loving her body and learning ways to become healthy. Making small and consistent changes in food and exercise, continuing her pattern of looking for life lessons in all things and going through chemotherapy, Carol was able to lose weight, eliminate taking blood pressure medication, clear blockages in her carotid arteries and remove the cancer from her body. Loving Yourself Through Cancer is the inspiring story of her journey. She is living proof that success and good health can be achieved at any age.

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