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"I wish that I could have read this book before I had to deal with my own cancer diagnosis and many other 'curveballs' that life has thrown. This book is inspiring in so many ways. It can help us face adversities in a positive, grateful, healthy way. Carol proves to us that we can change our health, habits, circumstances, etc at any age." See Full Review

Dr. Wendy L. Miller-Sparling
Sunbury Square Family Medicine

"This book is riveting, and it arrived just at the time I needed it most."

Carol Hodge, author
M.A. Literature, OSU

"Carol takes us on a journey from uncertainty to discovery, from anxiety to relief. This is truly a 'light at the end of the tunnel' experience. The reader becomes the protagonist in the process and unravels the mystery of his/her own being in the process."

Gene Cuticchia, Th.D Lit.D

"Carol Rosebrough is the epitome of a true, modern-day wise woman. With her conscious, spiritual approach to life, it is no surprise she sees a diagnosis of cancer as 'a call to heal yourself.' Rich in details, insights and wisdom, Loving Yourself Through Cancer is a source of hope and inspiration for anyone on the healing path and especially for those recently diagnosed with cancer...." See Full Review

Jeannetta Holliman, Editor of
Works in Process: Women Over 50 Reflecting

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