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The epitome of a true, modern-day wise woman, Carol Rosebrough belongs to that generation of incredible women who, in her words, "held things together before The Feminine Mystique and the Women's Movement." For decades she has been a seeker of truth, looking for meaning in all of life's experiences. With her conscious, spiritual, approach to life, it is no surprise that she sees a diagnosis of cancer as "a call to heal yourself."

In 2013, when she was 73 years old, Carol had a warning stroke, or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). For a few life-changing moments, she lost feeling and movement in her entire right side. Before the stroke, Carol reveals, she was "pretty sedentary," ate junk, gained weight after she quit smoking, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was taking medication for both. The stroke was indeed a warning, and it jolted her awake to the need to reconnect and take loving care of her body. She committed to a strict regimen of healthy eating and exercising, and after a year, she had lost 50 pounds and had nurtured her body back to health. Reflecting on the experience, she realized the year of focused effort to change her life and get a strong, healthy, body was preparation for what was to come.

What came in 2014 was a diagnosis of an incurable form of lymphoma cancer.

In Loving Yourself Through Cancer, Carol documents in a straightforward, easy-to-read style, her journey through the "world of cancer" she so abruptly enters. And though she enters this world with disbelief, fear, and uncertainty, she comes through whole—healed and grateful. Her story is a testament to the healing power of self-love, forgiveness, determination, courage—and unwavering faith. More than a memoir, it is a guide in which Carol has included all the practical steps and strategies she used in her healing process, including ways to manage chemotherapy treatments, solutions to side effects, steps to prevent infection, tips for nutrition and exercise, and the healing tools of music, meditation, dreams, affirmation, and writing. Rich in details, insights and wisdom, Loving Yourself Through Cancer is a source of inspiration and hope for anyone on the healing path and especially for those recently diagnosed with cancer.

Jeannetta Holliman, Editor
Works in Process: Women Over 50 Reflecting

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