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"You have cancer." Words no one wants to hear. Carol Rosebrough's book, Loving Yourself Through Cancer, takes us through her journey of hearing and responding to this diagnosis. More specifically, DECIDING how to respond to the cancer diagnosis. Even more importantly, it helps us understand some truths that can help us live more fulfilled, healthier, happier, and empowered lives. These lessons are important whether or not we have had a diagnosis of cancer:

--"I forgive you." When sincere, these words are very powerful. Carol shows that when we are able to let go of things that hurt us (the process of forgiving), we are then free to heal and grow. She reminds us that forgiving does not mean we condone or forget the wrong that was done; however, it does mean that the wrong we forgive no longer has any power over us, our attitude, decisions, or responses. We become free to realize that we alone are fully responsible and can take charge of our decisions, time, health, spiritual well-being, finances, and happiness. She also reminds us that sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for things that we've done or decisions we've made in the past.

--"I'm grateful." Our attitude is so important when it comes to being as healthy as we can. Throughout this book, Carol shows us that we can find the positive lessons and learn when life throws things at us that we sometimes only want to react to as negative experiences. Even a journey through cancer treatment can make us stronger, happier, more fulfilled people. We learn that we have a lot for which to be grateful. God does send us many blessings but sometimes we miss feeling blessed due to our attitude. We fail to reap the benefits because we only perceive the event (diagnosis, accident, etc) as negative and react to it as such.

--Carol proves to us that we can change our health, habits, circumstances, etc at any age. We cannot use the excuse of "it is too late" to change for the better. As a physician, I especially like Carol's healthy approach to weight management ... not a "diet" but a "permanent lifestyle change." Almost anyone can be very successful with this approach. I hope perhaps a cookbook or some recipes online are in her future! This book helps us to understand that our relationship with our bodies is "until death do us part" and inspires us to take better care of the earthly shell which we are dependent on until death.

This book is inspiring in so many ways. It can help us face adversities in a positive, grateful, healthy way. We learn to focus on what we can do to help ourselves versus being victims of our circumstances. I wish that I could have read this book before I had to deal with my own cancer diagnosis and many other "curveballs" that life has thrown. It offers valuable tools for adults of all ages to use to come out of life's challenges as more fulfilled, more empowered, happier, and healthier people.

Dr. Wendy L. Miller-Sparling
Sunbury Square Family Medicine
Sunbury, Ohio

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